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Main Features

There are so many...  this is a list of some of the main features of the software.
Full Screen Analysis
SportsCAD features full screen edge-to-edge video. By hiding the toolbar when it is not needed, SportsCAD has removed unnecessary clutter and increased the important video image in the Analysis section by 54%. Edge-to-edge video makes laptop computers with smaller displays viable outdoor motion analysis tools.


Analyze up to 8 Videos at a time
Up to eight windows can be displayed simultaneously, easily allowing comparisons of multiple videos or multiple frames of the same video.

Analysis Drop down bar
When you move your mouse to the top, this "drop down bar" appears so that you can select from our wide variety of tools.

Now with more information in the Display Panel....

and a new detachable Playbar allows you to Open, Rewind, Play, Loop, SlowMo, Draw, Delete, and change drawing colors.

Drawing Tools
Here is an example of the drawing tools. They include FreeHand Draw, Square, Line, Circle, Angle, Path, Parallelogram, Zone, Clock Grid and Arrow. With SportsCAD, drawn objects can be moved,           resized, and even rotated. You can also add a grid to the videos and change its size.

Advanced Video Playback Controls
Other analysis programs only allow you to click on icons or use a scroll bar to perform tasks such as to Play, Rewind, Pause, or Loop. We go far beyond that. With SportsCAD you can use your mouse to left or right click on the video to advance the frames backward or forward. Hold down or click the left or right mouse buttons and the image Rewinds or Advances in slow motion or on a frame-by-frame basis. There is also a new Mouse Video Throttle to get you to a point in the video faster! Prefer to use your keyboard? Use the arrow keys on your keyboard rather than your mouse.  These shortcuts give you the best control of video in the industry. Having Total Control of the video is the most important reason for  owning a video analysis program.


Record and Create a Video
SportsCAD has its own built in recording studio. Simply switch to Recording Mode and press “Start Recording”. All the action in the recording window (videos, drawings, transparencies, mouse movements etc), as well as your voice are recorded to a file. You can then choose to send the recording to a USB thumb drive.

Saving Macros
Every   instructor  has  their favorite  model  positions  to  use  during   instruction.  Now  you  can  create  stick  figures  of  these  perfect   positions,  and  call  them  onto  ANY VIDEO  with  a  few  clicks!   Drawing  Macros  are  ”stick  figures”  of  perfect  positions  that   you  can  create.

The Clone Drawing Tool
This   drawing  tool  allows  you  to  clone  all  of  the  drawings  in  one   window  to  any  other  window  that  has  a  video  in  it.

Email Snapshots
The   Email  feature  allows  multiple  “snapshots”  of  videos  with   drawings  and  notes  to  be  sent  to  a  student  for  further   review.  While  in  any  screen  mode  in  the  Analysis  section  of   the  program,  go  to  “Advanced”  on  the  Menu  Bar  and  select  “Email  –  Take  Snapshot”.

Store Student Profiles
The   Student  Profiles  section  provides  you  with  the  tools  you  need   to  build  and  organize  a  complete  database  of  your  model   videos,  your  students,  and  their  information.

Complete Control of Features
Once familiar with SportsCAD, the "Program Setup" section allows incredible control of how the program operates. You can decide on how many screens will be available when you go to Analysis, the color and width the drawings, how many lines are in your grid, slow motion speed, change the subject name from "Student" to Patient, Golfer, Client, Athlete etc, completely change the color scheme, and much much more.

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