MultiPic Mode

MultiPic Mode

MultiPic Mode allows you to view a sequence of frames.


In the Analysis section, load the video that you want to view into video window one. Then go to the Menu Bar at the top and choose "Advanced" then "MultiPic Mode". When the program switches to this screen mode, it will automatically fill the bottom of the screen with as many sequential frames as it can fit. Use the buttons on the side to zoom and pan so that the images are properly displayed.

You will also notice a "dropdown" box which reads "Sequence of Frames every" which has the number "1" in it. Change this number to reset the amount of frames that are skipped while creating the sequence.

There is also a button named "Carve new MultiPicture". This allows you to change the width and location of the sequence. Click this button and "draw" a square around the area that you want to create a sequence of.

To close MultiPic, click the "Close MultiPictureā€¯ button.