Recording a Lesson

Recording a Lesson

SportsCAD has its own built in recording studio. Simply switch to Recording Mode and all of the action in the recording window (videos, drawings, transparencies, mouse movements etc), as well as your voice are recorded to a file. You can then send this file and student videos to CD, the Web, or to Email.


Once inside the Analysis Section, there are two ways to access and create Lesson Files:


1) Click the “Record Lesson” icon located on the Analysis Tool Bar (Icon ) or

2) Choose “Advanced” and “Record Lesson”.


Once you have selected to record a lesson, the above window will open. The Menu Bar is still available at the top and you still have access to all of the features of the software to put in your lesson.


Using the buttons to the right of the recording area, you can change Student names, record, save and see the available time left of your current recording.


1) Select the Student to Record (4). The recording will be saved to this students' database.

2) Open the videos that you want to record.

3) Click the "Start Recording" button (5).

4) Start creating the recorded lesson with drawings, talking into the mic etc.

5) Click the "Stop Recording" button (5).

6) Click the "Save Video" button and name your recording (or simply use the default name).

7) You can now close the Recording feature (9) or click the Send Lessons button (8) to continue to the Send Lessons section of the software.

1 . Recording WindowRecording Window

Recording Window

Everything in this window will be recorded.

2 . Display WindowDisplay Window

Display Window

The Display Window gives you the current status of your recording.

3 . Recording TimerRecording Timer

Recording Timer

The timer counts down the 10 minutes maximum recording time.

4 . Student SelectorStudent Selector

Student Selector

The Student Selector shows and changes which student will be recorded.

5 . Start/Stop Recording buttonStart/Stop Recording button

Start/Stop Recording button

Starts and stops the recording process. When you click the button the first time, it will change from "Start Recording" to "Stop Recording". Once you begin recording, keep an eye on the recording timer (3) so that you can be sure to end your recording before the 10 minute mark.

6 . Save Video buttonSave Video button

Save Video button

The Save Video button will bring up a dialog window so that you can name and save your recording. The recording will be save to the students' database.

7 . Cancel SaveCancel Save

Cancel Save

After recording a lesson, you can either save it (6) or cancel the save (7).

8 . Send Lessons buttonSend Lessons button

Send Lessons button

The Send Lessons button will close the Analysis section and open the Send Lessons section of the software. You can then choose to send to CD, Web, or Email.

9 . Close buttonClose button

Close button

The Close button ends the recording session.

10 . Sound Check windowSound Check window

Sound Check window

The Sound Check window will verify that your microphone is plugged in and recording. If the level does not bounce as you speak, you will need to check your settings.

11 . Screen Mode shortcutsScreen Mode shortcuts

Screen Mode shortcuts

These are quick shortcuts to the most common screen modes.

12 . Recording Status WindowRecording Status Window

Recording Status Window

The Recording Status window will keep you informed of the current recording status.