Live Draw and Hot Zones

Live Draw and Hot Zones

The new Hot Zone tool enables you to draw directly on live video and draw hot zones that sound a ring tone when entered. The above Hot Zone (shown as a blue rectangle) will sound a ring tone if anything passes through it. The live video can also be “mirrored” to provide direct feedback to your students.


Note: You can create and use multiple Hot Zones.


Below is a list of the items found on the Hot Zone Menu bar.

1 . Drawing buttonsDrawing buttons

Drawing buttons

The first eight buttons are the available drawing tools in this section.

2 . Delete Drawings buttonDelete Drawings button

Delete Drawings button

This button deletes the last object drawn.

3 . Mirror buttonMirror button

Mirror button

You can point a camera at your student and have the monitor act as if it is a mirror. This effect works well with the drawing and Hot Zone capabilities.

4 . Freze Video buttonFreze Video button

Freze Video button

Have a student stand at the address position and freeze the video. Your student can now watch you draw the Hot Zones you want him to avoid (or not avoid if you have drawn zones you want the student to cross).

5 . Add Hot Zone buttonAdd Hot Zone button

Add Hot Zone button

Click this button, then draw a rectangular Hot Zone.

6 . Hot Zone SensitivityHot Zone Sensitivity

Hot Zone Sensitivity

Use the slider to adjust the Hot Zone sensitivity.

7 . Delete Hot ZoneDelete Hot Zone

Delete Hot Zone

This button will delete the last Hot Zone that was drawn.

8 . Close buttonClose button

Close button

Exit Live Draw and Hot Zones.