Advanced Play Bar

Advanced Play Bar

The Advanced Play Bar is activated by clicking the unDock button which is located below the scroll bar in the Analysis Window. Once opened, it will control the highlighted video window.


With it you can Scroll, Open, Rewind, Play, Loop, Slow Mo, Draw, Delete Drawings and change Drawing colors.

1 . Video Scroll BarVideo Scroll Bar

Video Scroll Bar

The scroll bar can be used to scroll the video to any position. The Scroll bar has an arrow button on the left and right for advancing the video forward and backward, and frame by frame. Press and hold the mouse button on either of these arrows to watch the video play. There is also a bar in between the arrows. You can "Grab" the scroll bar by pressing and holding your left mouse button down on the bar. Scroll the video back and forth by holding down on the mouse button and moving the mouse left and right within the bar.

2 . Drawing ToolsDrawing Tools

Drawing Tools

The Advanced Play Bar offers quick access to the Drawing Tools.

3 . Delete DrawingsDelete Drawings

Delete Drawings

The first trash can deletes the last drawing that was created in the highlighted window. The second deletes all of the drawings in the highlighted window.

4 . Color BarColor Bar

Color Bar

When you click on a Drawing (item 2), a color is established for that drawing (you can see the current color in the Display Bar). You can use this Color Bar to change the color of the drawing.

5 . Play BarPlay Bar

Play Bar

Use the icons in the Play Bar to Open, Rewind, Play, Loop or Fast Forward the highlighted video.

6 . Re-Dock ButtonRe-Dock Button

Re-Dock Button

Use the Re-Dock button to re-dock the Play Bar to the Analysis window.