The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar holds all of the tools and features for analyzing videos. You can access the Menu Bar in the Analysis Section by moving your mouse to the absolute top of the screen. This will cause the Menu Bar to “drop down” and give you access to its functions. Keeping it hidden while not in use maximizes and eliminates clutter in the video area.


1 . Freehand DrawFreehand Draw

Freehand Draw

Allows user to create “freehand” images on displayed videos. -more info-

2 . Draw TargetDraw Target

Draw Target

Draw a plus sign on the video to show a target area. -more info-

3 . Draw Square/RectangleDraw Square/Rectangle

Draw Square/Rectangle

Draw a square or rectangle on a video. -more info-

4 . Draw LineDraw Line

Draw Line

Draw a line on video. -more info-

5 . Draw CircleDraw Circle

Draw Circle

Draw a circle on a video. -more info-

6 . Draw AngleDraw Angle

Draw Angle

Draws 2 lines on the video area and shows the degree of angle between them. -more info-

7 . Motion TraceMotion Trace

Motion Trace

Draws lines on the video area which show the exact path of any object. -more info-

8 . Draw ParallelogramDraw Parallelogram

Draw Parallelogram

Draws a Parallelogram on the video area. -more info-

9 . Draw Shade ZoneDraw Shade Zone

Draw Shade Zone

Draws 2 lines and blue transparency on the video area defining a zone you want to highlight. -more info-

10 . Clock GridClock Grid

Clock Grid

Draw a circle with clock notches on the video area. -more info-

11 . Draw ArrowDraw Arrow

Draw Arrow

Draw an arrow on a video. -more info-

12 . Show GridShow Grid

Show Grid

Displays a grid in the highlighted window. You can set the dimensions of the grid in "Program Setup".

13 . Delete DrawingsDelete Drawings

Delete Drawings

The first trash can deletes the last drawing that was created in the highlighted window. The second deletes all of the drawings in the highlighted window.

14 . Open VideosOpen Videos

Open Videos

Activates the Open Dialog box.

15 . Close VideosClose Videos

Close Videos

The first icon closes the video in the highlighted window. The second folder closes all of the open videos.

16 . Record LessonRecord Lesson

Record Lesson

This opens the Recording feature which records the screen and voice to be saved and sent to your students. -more info-

17 . <TODO: Control Name><TODO: Control Name>

<TODO: Control Name>

<TODO> Insert description text here... And don't forget to add keyword for this topic

18 . Edit BarEdit Bar

Edit Bar

Opens the Edit Bar (to allow editing of drawings). -more info-

19 . Open NotesOpen Notes

Open Notes

Opens the notes window so that you can keep notes on individual videos. -more info-

20 . Calibrate for MeasurementsCalibrate for Measurements

Calibrate for Measurements

Shortcut to Ruler Calibration Setup. -more info-

21 . Maximize Current VideoMaximize Current Video

Maximize Current Video

This shortcut will maximize the current video. If you are in 4 screen mode, highlight any window and click this icon to make that window maximize.

22 . Strobe VideoStrobe Video

Strobe Video

This is a shortcut to the Quick Strobe feature. -more info-

23 . Flip VideoFlip Video

Flip Video

Flips the video to turn a left handed student into a right handed student and vise versa.

24 . Clone DrawingsClone Drawings

Clone Drawings

Copies all drawings from one window to another. -more info-

25 . Lock VideosLock Videos

Lock Videos

Allows the user to lock/sync up to four videos at a time. -more info-

26 . Screen Mode SelectorScreen Mode Selector

Screen Mode Selector

This is a shortcut to change between the most commonly used screen modes. You can also use the number keys above the letters on your keyboard to switch between the many different screen modes.

27 . GotoGoto


Use this dropdown to return to various portions of SportsCAD program. -more info-


28 . VideoVideo


Use this dropdown to choose from a list of video control options. -more info-


29 . DrawDraw


Quick reminder and control station for various “Hot Key” drawing buttons. -more info-


30 . WindowsWindows


Access this dropdown to select from the many available screen modes. -more info-


31 . ToolsTools


Use this dropdown to access the standard video tools. -more info-

32 . AdvancedAdvanced


Use this dropdown to access the advanced video tools. -more info-

33 . SetupSetup


This dropdown provides access to some of the setup features in the Analysis section. -more info-

34 . Exit AnalysisExit Analysis

Exit Analysis

Returns the user to the Main Menu.