Webcam / Tuner Card Capture

Webcam / Tuner Card Capture

How to use Webcam or tuner Card Capture


The Capture Video process will copy the video from your camcorder to your computer. Once this is done, you will no longer need the camcorder, as a copy of the captured video is permanently stored on the computer. For the convenience of most users, SportsCAD offers four different ways to capture videos and import them into the program for analysis: These include the standard Start Capture/Stop Capture, Automatic Video Capture, One Click, and Beep Capture.


The default settings for capture are “Standard Start-Stop Capture” and “Detailed Naming”. These settings are the most common and will work well in most teaching environments.


1) Set the Student name (item 2) and Video name (item 3).


2) Start up your camera.


3) When your student is about to begin their motion, click on the "Start Capture" button (item 8... the button will then show the caption "Stop Capture"). Click on the "Stop Capture" button (same button as "Start Capture") when your student finishes his motion.


4) You will now notice that the "live video" window has been replaced with the video that you just captured. Scroll the newly captured video to the beginning of the motion (we want to remove any excess motion that you may have captured) and click the "Trim Front" (item 9) button.


5) Scroll the video to the end of the motion and click the "Trim End" (item 10) button. This "trimming" process will make sure that you only save the motion itself and no extra frames. Click on the "Save Capture" button (item 11) to save the video to your computer. You can repeat these steps for as many captures as you need.

1 . Capture ModeCapture Mode

Capture Mode

Click the Change button to change between the 5 different Capture modes.

2 . Student NameStudent Name

Student Name

Click the Change button to select the student that you want to capture.

3 . Video NameVideo Name

Video Name

This is what the video name will be for the current video. Click the Change button to manually type in a name, or use the Camera Angle buttons (item 4) to select an angle.

4 . Camera AngleCamera Angle

Camera Angle

Select the camera angle that matches the current video. This will change the name of the video that will be imported.

5 . Display WindowDisplay Window

Display Window

The Display Window will keep you informed of your progress during the capture.

6 . Video WindowVideo Window

Video Window

The Video window will first show the feed from your camera. Once the capture is complete, it will show the captured video.

7 . Refresh ButtonRefresh Button

Refresh Button

Not active for Webcam Capture.

8 . Start Capture ButtonStart Capture Button

Start Capture Button

Use this button to start capturing video to your computer. Once you start capturing video, this buttons name will change to "Stop Capture". Simply click it again to stop capturing video.

9 . Trim Front ButtonTrim Front Button

Trim Front Button

Use this button to trim unwanted footage from the beginning of the video. Scroll the video to the beginning of the motion (a scrollbar will appear once you are finished capturing) and click "Trim Front of Video".

10 . Trim End ButtonTrim End Button

Trim End Button

Use this button to trim unwanted footage from the end of the video. Scroll the video to the end of the actual motion and click "Trim End of Video".

11 . Save Capture ButtonSave Capture Button

Save Capture Button

Click the Save Capture button to save the newly created video to the system.

12 . Save and Send ButtonSave and Send Button

Save and Send Button

Clicking this button will save the video and send it to the analysis section. When you go to the Analysis section, the video(s) that you sent will be waiting there ready to analyze.

13 . Not in UseNot in Use

Not in Use


14 . Not in UseNot in Use

Not in Use