Sound Capture

Sound Capture

The Sound Capture Method uses your computer microphone to signal when to capture video. You can capture videos of different lengths without making any changes to your setup.


How to Use - Start by putting the microphone next to the ball that is going to be hit. Click the "Start Sound Capture" button. The computer itself "hears" that the ball has been hit, and will then save the amount of time (as selected) both before and after the trigger is engaged.


Sound capture automatically saves your videos, eliminating the need to trim or edit video files by automatically “capping” the video length.


1 . Capture SecondsCapture Seconds

Capture Seconds

Use the up/down buttons to select the total amount of seconds that you want to capture before and after the sound trigger.

2 . Start Sound CaptureStart Sound Capture

Start Sound Capture

Pressing “Start Sound Capture” will cause SportsCAD to continually capture video. When the sound trigger is activated, the program will save the amount of time specified in the Capture Seconds before and after the trigger.

3 . Sound ControlsSound Controls

Sound Controls

The Sound Controls consist of a sound monitor bar, a sound threshold slider, and a sound volume slider. When the sound monitor bar reaches 100% (which is triggered by a loud sound), a video will be saved to the computer. Use the sound threshold and sound volume sliders to fine tune for the proper sound level.