Beep Capture

Beep Capture

Beep Capture is a hands free capture method that will use a timer to capture a single or multiple videos. You tell the program how many captures to make (i.e. 3); how many seconds to capture (i.e. 5 = 5 seconds to actually make the motion); and, how many seconds to pause in between each capture (i.e 10 = 10 seconds to prepare for your next motion).


How to Use – When Using Capture Setup (to the left of the video), set the “Capture Setup” settings for how many seconds to wait, how many seconds to capture, and, how many videos to capture. When you click the "Start Beep Capture" button, the program will count down the delay time (by "ticking” and by displaying a countdown), "beep" to signal the start of capturing (it will continue to capture for the capture time specified), and "beep" again at the end of capturing. The video is then saved to the computer and the program will then begin “ticking” in anticipation of the next capture. This will continue until the number of specified captures is complete.


1 . Seconds to waitSeconds to wait

Seconds to wait

This will set the "seconds to wait" before starting the next capture.

2 . Seconds to CaptureSeconds to Capture

Seconds to Capture

This will set the total time to capture video.

3 . Captures in CycleCaptures in Cycle

Captures in Cycle

This will set the total number of captures in the cycle.

4 . Start Beep CaptureStart Beep Capture

Start Beep Capture

Press "Start Beep Capture" to begin the capture process.

5 . Countdown TimerCountdown Timer

Countdown Timer

The countdown timer will display how many seconds are left before the next capture begins.