High Def Auto Import

High Def Auto Import

How to use Hi Def Auto Import


Select this capture method to import ALL of the videos from your HD camcorder, HD camera, Iphone, Ipad, phone or tablet in one step. This method keeps a watchful eye on the folder of your camera (or a folder on your pc) and automatically saves the videos it finds there to SportsCAD (and also removes the video from your camera... see below). There is no trimming or video naming allowed with this method.


Note: Before using this method, you must point SportsCAD to the folder that stores your videos. This only needs to be done once. Click Here to learn how to point to the folder.


1) Choose the Student Name where you want all of the videos to go (item 2).


2) Choose the basic name of the videos (items 3 and 4).


3) Click the Start Auto Import button (item 13).


If there are 8 videos on the camera, they will all be imported into the Students folder one at a time. The original videos will then be removed from the camera and stored in the "Processed Videos" folder (see below).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the import is complete, this method will remove the original videos from the camera folder and move them to a folder in SportsCAD called "Processed Videos". If this is not desired, simply use Manually Import Videos instead, as this method does not move the original video from its current location. You should empty the "Processed Videos" folder occasionally. For more information click here.

1 . Capture ModeCapture Mode

Capture Mode

Click the Change button to change between the 5 different Capture modes.

2 . Student NameStudent Name

Student Name

Click the Change button to select the student that you want to capture.

3 . Video NameVideo Name

Video Name

This is what the video name will be for the current video. Click the Change button to manually type in a name, or use the Camera Angle buttons (item 4) to select an angle.

4 . Camera AngleCamera Angle

Camera Angle

Select the camera angle that matches the current video. This will change the name of the video that will be imported.

5 . Display WindowDisplay Window

Display Window

The Display Window will keep you informed of your progress during the import.

6 . Refresh ButtonRefresh Button

Refresh Button

The Refresh button will refresh the Video List. If you come to the capture section before you plug in your camera, simply plug in your camera and click the Refresh button to continue.

7 . Video ListVideo List

Video List

The video list is filled with all of the videos currently on your camera (or memory stick, or folder). This folder is chosen in Program Setup-Capture-High Def Automatic Import <--- click to go there.

8 . Playback WindowPlayback Window

Playback Window

This window will show the video you selected for import.

9 . Progress BarProgress Bar

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar will show you the progress of your capture when you click the Save New Video button.

10 . Video Count DisplayVideo Count Display

Video Count Display

The video count display will tell you the current count of videos that will be imported, as well as how many videos have already been imported during this session.

11 . Jump to Analysis ButtonJump to Analysis Button

Jump to Analysis Button

This button allows you to go to the Analysis section to do analysis while Auto Import is still watching for new videos to arrive.

12 . Settings ButtonSettings Button

Settings Button

The Settings button takes you to Program Setup where you can change the default folder for where your videos are stored.

13 . Start Auto Import ButtonStart Auto Import Button

Start Auto Import Button

Click here to activate (or stop if it is running) Auto Importing.