Troubleshoot Camera

Troubleshoot Camera

When you click the Troubleshoot Camera button in Program Setup / Capture, you will see the window above. This window will allow you to install or reinstall codecs that are needed for your camera.


What are codecs? Codec stands for compressor and decompressor. These are needed to capture and play videos. As there are many different kinds of videos out there, there are also many codecs needed to play them.


This list of codecs included here will cover most cameras and video types.


TIP: Sometimes when something goes wrong during capture or import (such as trying to import a corrupt file), the codec being used becomes corrupt. Reinstalling it will fix the problem.


TIP: If you use this utility to install a codec and the codec is already installed, the utility may uninstall the codec. Watch for this and simply rerun the installer to install again.

1 . Win 10 TweakerWin 10 Tweaker

Win 10 Tweaker

If you are using Windows 10, you will want to run this Codec Tweaker. Microsoft is now locking the filters used to capture and import video. This tweaker utility bypasses the issue.

2 . CCCP Codec PackCCCP Codec Pack

CCCP Codec Pack

The CCCP codec pack has proven to be a great codec pack and handles MANY situations caused by missing codecs. You can run and rerun this utility as needed.

3 . DV CodecDV Codec

DV Codec

The DV codec is installed with SportsCAD. If you ever have a problem capturing or viewing DV videos run this utility to reinstall the dv codec.

4 . Lesson CodecLesson Codec

Lesson Codec

If you are having trouble creating lesson videos, click here to reinstall the codec SportsCAD uses to create lessons.

5 . Indeo CodecIndeo Codec

Indeo Codec

If you receive an error when trying to save videos, click here to reinstall the Indeo codec pack.