General Setup

General Setup


1 . Select Video ModeSelect Video Mode

Select Video Mode

SportsCAD can now run in Full Screen, or 1280x800, 1024x768 or 800x600 windowed screen modes. Use the dropdown list to select a screen mode. The software will restart automatically to make the change.



2 . Copy to Disk OptionCopy to Disk Option

Copy to Disk Option

Choose the drive letter for the "Copy to Disk" option.


3 . Enable Network ServerEnable Network Server

Enable Network Server

The Video Library is the folder on your computer that stores all of your videos, data, notes and drawings. You can store your video library on a different drive or folder by selecting it here. If you select a root drive (such as C:\), SportsCAD will build a beginning folder structure for you (C:\Video Library). This is an advanced feature that is not necessary for most users.


4 . Enter Company InfoEnter Company Info

Enter Company Info

Enter your name and company information here. Your company name will be displayed on the Main Menu.


5 . PrintingPrinting


When you print a printout for your student, it will have a header and logo at the top. In this section, you can:


1) Change the header text (or remove it).

2) Change the logo (or remove it).

3) Change the printer that is used for printing.


6 . Add New Instructor/DatabaseAdd New Instructor/Database

Add New Instructor/Database

Normally the Instructor/Database only contains a General Folder, an Amateur, and a Models database. The "General Folder" will hold all of the videos that you have not specifically put into its own database. The "Amateurs" will hold all of your students, and the "Model Videos" will hold all of your professional and model videos.


You can add new databases to fit your business. If your business has multiple instructors, you can create a database with each of their names. Then when they click their database it will show nothing but their students.


7 . System TestsSystem Tests

System Tests

Shows general information about your system.