Capture-Firewire or Webcam

Capture-Firewire or Webcam

Digital Video (DV) Capture


DV (also known as firewire) video capture is the preferred method for transferring video from your camcorder to your computer, as it provides the best video quality available. With this type of setup, you can control your video camera with your mouse, and SportsCAD can also take over control of your camera when needed. The type of camera that you need uses dv TAPES and not a HD, cd, hard disc, or memory stick camcorder.


To use DV, click on the “Program Setup” tab, and then click the “Capture” button at the top of the menu. Next, under the option named “Type of Camera”, choose “Firewire Camera(s)”.



Dual Camera Setup


If you have two cameras, click on the “Program Setup” tab, then click on the “Capture” button at the top. Then under the option named “Total Cameras”, choose “Two Cameras”. This option will only work with 2 DV camcorders.



Advanced Settings


Reverse Fields - Check this setting if your captured videos appear to jump forward and backward during frame by frame analysis (unchecked by default).


Split Fields - Check or uncheck this setting if a) as you advance the video frame by frame, it takes 2 clicks to advance 1 frame (the video should advance one frame for every click of the mouse) or b) if you see 2 objects (2 bats, 2 clubs etc) while doing frame by frame analysis (checked by default).


Recompress - If your camera creates "avi" files, you may not need to recompress the videos for use in SportsCAD. Uncheck this box if you want to use the avi files without recompressing them (checked by default).

1 . Type of CameraType of Camera

Type of Camera


2 . Total CamerasTotal Cameras

Total Cameras

Choose whether you will use one camera or two.

3 . Capture MethodCapture Method

Capture Method

Choose from the four available capture methods. -more info-

4 . Video NamingVideo Naming

Video Naming

Choose from the three available naming methods.


Detailed -allows you to simply "click" to choose detailed information like down line (DL) or face on (FO), Back or Front etc.



Note: Using this method, you can still change the name by clicking the Change button.


Manual - This naming mode requires you to type a name for every video that you capture. The naming bar has no effect because you will type in each video name manually.


Automatic Naming - This naming mode will automatically name all of your video captures. (Video1, Video2, etc). The naming bar has no effect because the program automatically names all videos.

5 . Camera SelectCamera Select

Camera Select

Choose your cameras and settings for each of the attached cameras. If you have one camcorder, turn it on, then open SportsCAD, come to this section and click the "Save Settings for Camera 1". Once the software knows your camera, it will tell you to turn it on if it is needed and not attached. In almost all cases, you do not want to change any of the other settings.

6 . Select Sound SourceSelect Sound Source

Select Sound Source

Choose the sound card you want to use for Sound Capture. This will only need to be changed if you have more than one sound card connected to your computer.

7 . Camera 2 Name ExtensionCamera 2 Name Extension

Camera 2 Name Extension

In a multiple camera setup, you will need to have a different name for the second video. If camera 1 is showing video “down the line” (DL) and camera 2 is showing video “face on” (FO), select “FO” to differentiate video 2 from video 1. This way the videos will be named “(001) DL Driver” and (001) FO Driver” respectively.