Main Menu Setup

Main Menu Setup


1 . Change PictureChange Picture

Change Picture

Click this button to bring up a window where you can choose a new picture for the Main Menu. Choose from the many new pictures added, or choose your own .bmp, .jpg, .gif, or .ico file and choose "Open".

2 . Change Caption PositionChange Caption Position

Change Caption Position

Every time that you click this button, the caption will move to another position on the picture. There are nine positions along with the possibility to remove it completely from the screen.

3 . Subject TypeSubject Type

Subject Type

You can select the subject type for your business. Change the subject type from "Student" to Golfer, Player, Client, Patient etc. Chnging this will change the wording throughout the program (Open Student becomes Open Patient etc).

4 . Color ThemeColor Theme

Color Theme

You can change the color of the entire program. Select from the eight available color themes. The Outdoor Mode color theme is perfect for outdoor use with a laptop.