Strobe Frames


The Strobe Frames feature will track an object through time (see golf ball below). You can access it from the Menu bar shortcut or by going to "Tools" then "Strobe Frames" on the Menu Bar. Activating this feature will strobe from the current position to the end of the video (see Advanced Strobe below for more control).




There is also a "Advanced Strobe Frames" feature. This Feature will strobe the video from point A to point B. You set the start and end points using the Strobe pop up. You can also choose to skip frames if you are strobing a slower moving object (like a basketball foul shot). Access the Advanced Strobe feature by going to "Advanced" then "Advanced Strobe" from the Menu Bar.



1) Scroll to the start point and click Start Here.

2) Scroll to the End Point and click End Here.

3) Use the dropdown to select to strobe every X # of frames.

4) Click the Strobe button to begin the strobe.