Clone Window


Clone Window - This drawing tool allows you to clone all of the drawings in one window to any other window that has a video in it.


To access this feature: From the Menu Bar, Go to "Advanced" then "Clone Window". You can also click the icon shortcut on the Menu Bar.




An example: (1) Put the program in two screen mode. (2) Load a student in window 1 and a model video in window 2. (3) Draw different lines and angles on the model video that you would like the student to reproduce. (4) Click the "Clone Window" button and the drawings will be copied to the students’ window. (5) The Edit Bar will become visible. It will allow you to move and scale the drawings to fit the other video.


If you have more that 2 windows open, click on the window that you want to clone, then click the Clone feature. A box will pop up asking you to choose which window to clone the drawings to. Choose the window and then click OK.