Using Macros


Every instructor has his/her favorite model positions to use during instruction. Now you can create stick figures of these perfect positions, and call them onto the screen with a few clicks! Drawing Macros are ”stick figures” of perfect positions that you can create. Here is an example of how to use this feature.



The best stance you have ever seen at the address position is John Doe. You simply (1) Load John Doe into a window, (2) draw a stick figure or any lines, circles, etc. that show important information pertaining to the address position, (3) on the Menu bar, click on "Advanced" then "Save Drawing Macro", (4) name the macro accordingly (Model Release Side View).



Now when you have a student video open in analysis, you can call up your macro stick figures by clicking on “Advanced”, then click on “Insert Drawing Macro”.



Select the macro that you want to display, and click the "Insert Macro" button to have it display in the currently highlighted window. The Edit Bar will become visible. It will allow you to move and scale all of the drawings so that they fit the student video.


Note: This will remove any other drawings that were in that window.