Email Snapshots


The Email feature allows multiple “snapshots” of videos with drawings and notes to be sent to a student for further review. While in any screen mode in the Analysis section of the program, go to “Advanced” on the Menu Bar and select “Email – Take Snapshot”.



Note: Click the “CTRL” key on your keyboard to take a snapshot instead of using the MenuBar.



When you choose to take a new snapshot, a small window will appear showing how many email snapshots have been queued for emailing.


Click “Advanced” then “Email – Send Snapshots” button to finish processing your email.


The “Email – Send Snapshots” button will take you to a screen designed to help you choose your email snapshots, add notes and select email recipients.




Email Pictures to

Type in up to three different recipient email addresses. Each recipient will receive a copy of the pictures and notes. Click the "Add" button to select a email address from the database.

Send Email

This will send the email to your student.

Show Next Picture

This button will display all stored snapshots in the preview window.

Remove this Picture

Use this button to delete the currently displayed picture.

Remove All Pictures

Pressing this button will delete ALL of the current pictures from memory.


This button returns the user to the Analysis Screen.


Text entered into this window will accompany each created email.


Note: You must set up the email settings in Program Setup before using this feature.