Ruler and MPH


SportsCAD now has a built in ruler. Before it will give accurate measurements, it must measure an object on the screen with a known length (such as a ruler or a yardstick that is displayed in the video). This length is then used to calculate distances (while drawing lines) and speed in MPH (while using the Motion Trace tool).


Note: To use this feature, the video must be a face on view, and the ruler must be on the plane of the moving object.


To access this feature: From the Menu Bar, Go to "Setup" then "Calculate Distance for Lines" or click the ruler icon on the Menu bar.



Draw the line to the known distance (such as the ruler in this video).



Then type that the item drawn was 12 inches (as shown above)



Then click to view your results in inches, feet, centimeters or meters.



Now when you use the motion trace tool you will get MPH readings while the moving object is on the plane of the ruler (see the 51mph in the upper right hand corner).



You will also get ruler calculations while drawing lines. In this example (above), a line has been drawn from foot to foot, and the reading in the upper right hand corner shows 1.001".