Keyboard Shortcuts


SportsCAD has keyboard shortcuts that help you perform tasks even faster. Spending a little time learning these shortcuts will increase your speed when using the software.


Goto keys

Home key - Student Profiles

Page Down key - Analyze Video

Page Up key - Capture Video

End key - Main Menu

Note: These are shortcuts to jump to other sections of the program.



Drawing Operations

F1 - Draw Freehand

F7 - Draw Swing Path

F2 - Draw Plus Sign

F8 - Draw Parallelogram

F3 - Draw Square

F9 - Draw Shaft/Path

F4 - Draw Line

F10 - Draw Clock Grid

F5 - Draw Circle

F11 - Draw Arrow

F6 - Draw Angle

F12 - Draw Grid

Left Shift key - Draw last item (draw a line, click to draw another)

Note: These are the "Function" keys across the top of your keyboard.



Change Screen Modes

1 - Switch to Single Screen

5 - Switch to Triple Linear Screens

2 - Switch to Double Screens

6 - Switch to Six Screens

3 - Switch to Triple Triangular Screens

7 - Switch to Double Horizontal Screens

4 - Switch to Quad Screens

8 - Switch to Eight Screens

Note: These are the number keys above the letters on your keyboard.



KeyPad   - Note: NumLock must be on

2 - Pan Video Down

7 - Highlight Window 1

4 - Pan Video Left

9 - Highlight Window 2

6 - Pan Video Right

1 - Highlight Window 3

8 - Pan Video Up

3 - Highlight Window 4

5 – Re-center video and zoom to original position

"+" and "-" Zoom video in and out

*” will un-zoom but not re-center your video

Laptop users can use Y, G, H, B and J to pan videos



Letter Keys

O - Open Video

C - Close Video

R - Rewind Video

M - Mark Video Position

P - Play Video

F - Flip Video

L - Loop Video

Z – Open/Close Zoom window

S - Slomo Video

Delete key - Deletes last drawing



Arrow Keys

Up Arrow - Rewind video to beginning

Left Arrow - Step back/Slomo back

Down Arrow - Play/Pause toggle

Right Arrow - Step forward/Slomo forward




CTRL key – Take Email Snapshot