Video Quick Launch


Under normal circumstances, your student follows you everywhere throughout the program. This means once you select a student (in the Student Profile section, Capture section or Analysis section) that Student will be there by default if you go to the Student Profile section, Capture section or Analysis section. You can quickly add your student videos to the Analysis section, then click your Models folder to select a suitable model for comparison.


Well it seems everyone has 5 to 10 videos that they seem to ALWAYS use. Video Quick Launch allows you to call upon a copy of these favorite videos very quickly.


You will see the Quick Launch button when you activate the Open dialog box in the Analysis section. It will look like this...



When you click the Quick Launch button the first time, the Open window will switch from your student to your folder full of favorite videos. You can then drag and drop the videos you want. Clicking the Quick Launch button a second time will switch the Open window back to your student videos.



How to add videos


Before you use your Quick Launch folder for the first time, you have to add some videos to it. You will do this in Student Profiles.


Open SportsCAD and click the Student Profiles button (top left button). There you will see a Quick Launch + button. It looks like this....



Use the Student Profiles section to find your favorite videos for teaching. Then for each video you want to add, you will click the Quick Launch + button. SportsCAD will ask you if you are sure if you want to add the video, and will add it when you select Yes.