The Basics


When you first go to the Analysis section, you will see a black empty window with a Display in the upper right hand corner, and a Control Bar with a scroll bar down the right hand side.


Double clicking anywhere in the empty window will open the Open dialog box that will allow you to select up to eight videos for analysis.




A close up view of the Display and the Control Bar... The Display shows angles, colors, directions, current frames etc. depending on what operation you are currently performing with the software.




This icon will help you load a video into a window.

This icon will rewind the video to the beginning.

This icon will play (or pause) the video.

The turning arrows will "Loop" the video.

This icon will turn "Slomo" (slow motion playback) on or off.


The scroll bar can be used to scroll the video to any position. The Scroll bar has an arrow button on the top and bottom for advancing the video forward and backward, and frame-by-frame. Press and hold the mouse button on either of these arrows to watch the video play. There is also a bar in between the arrows. You can "Grab" the scroll bar by pressing and holding your left mouse button down on the bar. Scroll the video back and forth by holding down on the mouse button and moving the mouse up and down within the bar.


The button below the scroll bar is the UnDock button which activates the Advanced Play Bar. Click here to learn more.


If you move your mouse to the very top of the screen, the Menu Bar will "drop down" and become available for use. It will look like this:




Before you go any further, you should understand what the "highlighted" window means. Since the program offers up to eight different windows, it will need to know which window you want to perform a task on. Move your mouse to the top of the screen so that the Menu Bar drops down. Click on "Windows" then select "Quad" Screen. You will notice that there are now four windows available. Left click your mouse in each of the four windows and you will notice that the window that you click in will "highlight". This is how you tell the program which window to perform the operation on.



Now that you have a basic understanding of the Analysis section, you can go ahead and load a video into window one. Double click an empty video window. The Open Student window will be be displayed.



First, choose the Database from which you want to work. Next, choose the student you want to analyze. Finally, select the video that you want to analyze. Click the "Analyze this video" button and the selected video will be opened in the highlighted window (alternatively you can drag and drop the videos into any window). If you want to select more videos, just choose them and click on "Analyze this video" again, otherwise click the "Close" button.


You are now ready to analyze your video!