Naming Methods




There are 3 possible ways to name your videos. You can use Detailed, Manual or Automatic Naming. Detailed is the most popular and should work in most cases. You can select which method to use in Program Setup/Capture.



Detailed - allows you to simply "click" to choose detailed information like down line (DL) or face on (FO), Back or Front etc.


Manual - This naming mode requires you to type a name for every video that you capture. The naming bar has no effect because you will type in each video name manually.


Automatic Naming - This naming mode will automatically name all of your video captures. (Video1, Video2, etc). The naming bar has no effect because the program automatically names all videos.



Note: SportsCAD will automatically add numbers ( "(001)" etc) to the beginning of any video with the same name so you do not need to create a new name for your captures.   Images captured in “dual-camera mode” will share the same numbering, but will be differentiated via camera angle (Face On, Down The Line, etc.).