Quick Start: Analyzing a Video


The Analysis section has many tools to help you analyze your videos. No matter how many videos you have loaded, you will notice that there is no "clutter" in the Analysis section. All that you will see are your video(s) and a small Control Bar with a Display Panel.



This icon will help you load a video into a window.

This icon will rewind the video to the beginning.

The arrow aiming right will play (or pause) the video.

The turning arrows will "Loop" the video.

This icon will turn "Slomo" (slow motion playback) on or off.






Use the scrollbar slide to advance and rewin the video.

Click this icon to undock the Advanced Control Bar.


Note that there are many other ways to control the videos. One example would be to move your mouse into a video window. Right mouse clicking will advance the video frame by frame and left mouse clicking will rewind the video frame by frame. Make sure to click here to see the many ways to control the video.



Now that you can control the video, you will want to draw some lines on it. Just move your mouse to the top of the screen and you will see the "Menu Bar" drop down so that you can choose from the many tools available.



You can go ahead and click on some of the drawing tools and draw directly on the videos. Playing with all of the advanced buttons and reading the manual on how to use them is the best way to become proficient with SportsCAD.