Quick Start: Capture Setup


Quick Camera Setup


To set up your video capture settings, go to Program Setup, then click the Capture button at the top.


There you will see these choices..



There are 3 types of hardware that can be used. Choose your type below.




Use your phone, iPad, GoPro, or any memory card camera/camcorder.

If you are using a HD camera, your phone, iPad or tablet to capture your videos, SportsCAD can import them. Choose the Hi Def Camera Import option to get started (see above picture). You will need to point SportsCAD to the folder on your camera that holds the videos. Click Here to learn more.


Note that "High Def Auto Import" will also work once set up. Click for more information.


You should also install the CCCP Codec pack.

If you are running Windows 10, you will want to install the Codec Tweaker.



Digital Video (DV) Capture

With this type of setup, you can control your video camera with your mouse, and SportsCAD can also take over control of your camera when needed. The type of camera that you need uses dv TAPES and not a HD, cd, hard disc, or memory stick camcorder. You would also need a firewire cable and a pc with a firewire port. Most of these are hard to find new these days, as they are no longer being produced. If you are using a DV camera, choose the Firewire Camera(s) option (see above picture). Click here to learn more.




Webcam, analog capture card

If you are using a webcam, tuner card or tuner cable to capture video, choose the Webcam, Tuner Card/Cable option (see picture above). Click here to learn more.



Click here to get in depth information for more information on all 3 options...