Quick Start: Software Setup


SportsCAD is ready for use as soon as it is installed. The default settings will work fine while you are getting used to how everything works. The software has MANY options that can be changed to suit your needs. Once you become familiar with the software and how it operates, you can go into Program Setup and change some of the features of the program.


Click here ----> Program Setup for detailed information about setting up.


The changes that can be made include:


Main Menu:

Change the background picture (to a picture of your facility, etc.).

Change the position of your company name (or remove it completely).

Change the color scheme of the entire program.

Change the subject name "Student" to Patient, Client, Golfer, Athlete etc.


Student Profiles:

Change the information that you will keep on each student.



Set up your capture card or HD camera.

Choose from the many possible capture methods.

Choose from the three possible naming methods.



Choose whether to have the Analysis section open with one, two, or more screens ( up to eight screens available).

Change the size of the grid.

Change the color of your drawing objects.

Change the width of your drawing objects.

Change how fast the video plays while slow motion is turned on.

Choose to have the Open Dialog on the right side or left.



Set up your email settings

Set up your web server settings



Choose your display resolution.

Choose the drive letter for your backups.

Enter your company name (to be displayed in the Main Menu).

Change the header text for your printouts.

Change the logo for your printouts.

Add an instructor or database to the system.

Run general system tests to see your computer specifications.