Quick Start: Hardware Setup


Having your computer optimized and having your settings correct will give you the best performance with SportsCAD.


1.   Make sure that you "Defrag" your hard drive monthly.

2.   The closer the student is to the camera, the better the picture quality.

3.   Always use a tripod.

4.   Set your camera shutter speed to a minimum of 1/1000 to eliminate "motion blur".

5. If using a memory card camera, try different resolutions (1920, 720, 480 etc) and frame rates (60, 120 etc) in the camera to see which one works best for your needs in the software.



As a general rule, the main differences between the least expensive pc in the stores and the most expensive are speed and storage space. SportsCAD should work fine with any Windows PC you can find in a store today (but faster is always better with any Windows PC).


Almost all computers these days have support for the newer TV displays (LED LCD and plasma ... 40, 50 and 60+ inches). Outputting SportsCAD to these TVs produces amazing size and colors for video analysis. :)