Getting Familiar with SportsCAD


This is the first screen that you will see once you open the program. Each button on the left hand side will take you to another section simply by clicking on it. You can also change the picture (shown below) and the position where your company name is placed. Follow along as we go through each button to help get you better acquainted with the program. Once we've briefly gone through the program, we will begin with “The Basics”, how we would recommend you begin to use SportsCAD. Then, once you've become familiar with The Basics, it will be time to use some of the Advanced Features.




Student Profiles

The “Student Profiles” section allows easy data entry and data access for each student such as age, weight, strengths, weaknesses, etc. View, organize and modify your library of videos.




Capture Video

The "Capture" section is where you will go to copy the video from your camera to the program. There are many different capture methods to suit your needs.




Analyze Video

When you click on the “Analyze Video” button, it will take you to a screen where you do the actual analysis of your videos. Clicking this button will take you to the full screen analysis section where you have countless tools to analyze and compare videos. This is where the work gets done!




Send Lesson

Click the Send Lessons button to send videos, lessons and drills to CD, the web or to email.




Import/Export Videos

The Import/Export section will allow you to import or export videos (as well as drawings) to or from cd, flash drive, zip disk or external hard drive. The exported videos can then be imported into any copy of SportsCAD for file sharing or backup purposes.




Program Setup

In Program Setup, you will have the ability to customize SportsCAD to best suit your teaching needs. It permits the user to include a picture of their club, facility or store as the opening background picture, personalize other information, setup different capturing and naming methods, change your Analysis settings and run general tests. You can even change the color scheme.




Help and Demos

Use the Help and Demo section to find information that you are unfamiliar with, with the click of a mouse. This includes comprehensive instructions on how to operate SportsCAD.