What's New in 10.0

Whats New in 10.0


New Look! - A New cleaner look and many enhancements.


Windowed Mode - SportsCAD can now run in Full Screen, 1280x800, 1024x768 or 800x600 screen modes.


Enhanced "Open Video" window - You can now scroll through videos and drag and drop them into windows. Window can be on left or right side. Classic dialog window still available.


New Capture Modes - New design for capturing / importing videos. 5 Capture modes include Manual Capture, HD Capture, Auto Capture, DV Capture and WebCam Capture.


Changing Drawing Colors - You can now select a different color for each drawing, and there is a new setting to change drawing colors automatically.


Advanced Mouse Video Throttle - Speed throttle in Analysis. Just slide the mouse right or left to go faster.


Mouse Wheel - Advances and rewinds video 1 frame at a time.


Advanced Play Bar - Docks and undocks from scroll bar. Hand pick colors and control the video.


Enhanced Info Bar - Now shows time as well as Horizontal + Vertical angles and distance on the fly for arrow and lines.


Video Timer - Quickly update and reset the start point, and manually enter real frame rate.


Video Quick Launch - Quickly open your favorite lesson videos from your Quick Launch folder.


Direct Gmail Support - One click email support for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses.


Quality Fixes

New Buttons - Analysis Bar buttons are redesigned bigger now since resolutions are now much higher than before.

Bigger Drawing Sizes - Drawing sizes now range from 1 to 7.

Drawing Outline - Choose classic drawings or new with outline.

TLS Mail Support - Updated mail section to support new certificate.

Background Pictures - Choose from many built in pictures (or your own) for the Main Screen.

Tons of code removed and revamped for speed and update.

Video Info - New Video Info button in Student Profiles tells frame rate, codec, video size etc.

Password Security - Passwords for email are now encrypted.

Proper video size in Student Profiles.

Import Video button is now gone in Student Profiles. It is upgraded and part of Capture system.

New design for input boxes and overlapping windows… SportsCAD goes dark and window displays.

Updated list of mail servers.

New button to reset to default for email set up.



Whats New in 9.0


New Look! - A New cleaner look and many enhancements.


Better Video Quality - Video Quality has been enhanced in the Analysis section.


Record the Entire Screen - Recording is no longer limited to a small window at the bottom of the screen. Record and Show everything!


Send Lessons and Videos to the Web - You can now send lessons, drills and videos to the internet. SportsCAD creates the web page, uploads it, converts the videos, and sends an email to your student letting them know to go view the videos.


Send Lessons and Videos to Email - You can now send lessons, drills and videos directly to your students email address.


Support for non DV Cameras - Direct support for the new high speed cameras like the Casio Exilim EX-FH25


Download Model Videos - Download model videos from the Model Library (baseball, tennis and golf).


Strobe Frames - New Strobe Feature allows you to track an object over time.


More Customizations - Select from different color schemes, and choose the subject term that fits your business (Student, Patient, Client, Athlete etc).


High Contrast Mode - This color scheme is for laptops that are used outdoors. This design provides the best picture for outdoor use.


Camcorder Save and Refresh - You no longer need to have your camcorder turned on before starting the software.