Import-Export Database


The Import-Export section will allow you to import or export complete Student databases to or from cd, flash drive, zip disk or external hard drive. The exported databases can then be imported into any copy of SportsCAD for file sharing or backup purposes. The exported databases include everything including the Student Profile (all of your notes for the student and video notes) and drawings. If your student owns a copy of SportsCAD Lite, you can quickly copy their videos (and some model videos if you like) to cd or a flash drive. They can then use the Import/Export feature in their software to import the videos. If you have two copies of SportsCAD, you can transfer a student from one copy of SportsCAD to another with this feature.



When you click the Import/Export button from the Main Menu, the window will look like this (above). From here you can use the top two buttons to choose to Import or Export the database. Click the links below for more information.