Main Features


Full Screen Analysis - SportsCAD features full screen edge-to-edge video. By hiding the toolbar when it is not needed, SportsCAD has removed unnecessary clutter and increased the important video image in the Analysis section by 54%. Edge-to-edge video makes laptop computers with smaller displays viable outdoor motion analysis tools.


Support for the new non DV Cameras - Direct support for the new high speed cameras.


Download Model Videos - Download model videos from the Model Library (baseball, tennis and golf).


Analyze up to 8 Videos at a time - Up to eight windows can be displayed simultaneously, easily allowing comparisons of multiple videos or multiple frames of the same video, and increasing drawing and printing options unique to SportsCAD.


Advanced Drawing Features - Choose from freehand draw, plus sign, square, line, circle, angle, motion trace tool, parallelogram, zone tool, clock grid, arrows, and grids. With SportsCAD, drawn objects can be moved, resized, and even rotated.


Multiple Video Capture Methods - For the convenience of most users, SportsCAD offers many different ways to capture or import video.


Advanced Video Playback Controls - In developing SportsCAD, an overriding objective was to make the operational and analysis features of the program extremely easy to use. Other analysis programs only allow you to click on icons or use a scroll bar to perform tasks such as to Play, Rewind, Pause, Play Continual Loop or Play in Slow Motion. We go far beyond that. With SportsCAD you can use your mouse to left or right click on the video to advance the frames backward or forward. Hold down or click the left or right mouse buttons and the image Rewinds or Advances in slow motion or on a frame-by-frame basis. Prefer to use your keyboard? Use the arrow keys on your keyboard rather than your mouse. These shortcuts give you the best control of video in the industry.


Burn Lessons, Drills and Videos to CD - SportsCAD has its own built in recording studio. Simply switch to Recording Mode (from Analysis) and press “Start Recording”. All the action in the recording window (videos, drawings, transparencies, mouse movements etc), as well as your voice are recorded to a file. You can then choose to burn this file, and/or student videos to CD. The resulting CD is a completely installable video player program customized for your student.


Send Lessons and Videos to the Web - You can now send lessons, drills and videos to the internet. SportsCAD creates the web page, uploads it, converts the videos, and sends an email to your student letting them know to go view the videos.


Send Lessons and Videos to Email - You can now send lessons, drills and videos directly to your students email address.


Import Export Videos - The Import/Export section will allow you to import or export videos (as well as drawings) to or from cd, flash drive, zip disk or external hard drive. The exported videos can then be imported into any copy of SportsCAD for file sharing or backup purposes. If your students own a copy of SportsCAD, you can quickly copy their videos (and some model videos if you like) to cd or a flash drive. They can then use the Import/Export feature in their software to import the videos.


Strobe Frames - The Strobe Feature allows you to track an object over time.


E-Mail Snapshots to your Students - This feature enables the instructor to instantly email analysis images to his/her student. The enhanced E-Mail tool option allows for the creation of E-Mail Booklets. These booklets can be sent to multiple e-mail addresses and represent a new way of keeping in contact with the student.


Live Draw and Hot Zones - Display, flip, freeze, and draw on Live Video in the analysis section. The new Hot Zone tool allows you to draw a virtual box on the video that will make a ring tone as your student enters or exits the box (analog casmeras only).


Store Student Profiles - Keep details on your students in the Student Profiles section. This section is fully customizable so that you can keep the information pertinent to your teaching methods.


Calculate Distances - By simply calibrating the video with a known distance, you can get measurements in feet or inches by simply drawing a line.


Motion Trace with MPH - Trace a complete motion by following the path of an object from start to finish. This tool then displays the complete path of the motion, and automatically highlights the fastest portion of the motion. New additions to this feature include a calibration tool, which provides an accurate measurement of speed in MPH.


Zoom and Pan Videos - Use the zoom feature to create a better “fit” between student and model videos. Similar sizes makes for better comparisons. You can also zoom in on any particular region of interest.


Lock up to Four Videos together - The new video lock tool gives you the ability to synchronize separate videos in different windows at the same point in a motion, and to then advance and rewind the videos on a frame-by-frame basis.


Drawing Macros - Everyone has his/her favorite model positions for instruction. Now you can create stick figures of these perfect positions, and call them onto the screen with just a few clicks!


Clone Drawings - You can draw all of your lines, angles, etc. in one window and "clone" them to any other window (to show differences in the videos, etc).


MultiPic Mode - Use the MultiPic feature to show a sequential view of the video. This has many uses including the ability to print the sequence to a printer.


Overlay Videos for Comparison - The Transparency tool is great for showing the difference between two videos. Two videos are "overlaid" so that they are one on top of the other. Step through the motions and pan between videos to see the differences.


Complete Control of Features - Once familiar with SportsCAD, the "Program Setup" section allows incredible control of how the program operates. You can decide on how many screens will be available when you go to Analysis, the color and width the drawings, how many lines are in your grid, slow motion speed, change the subject name from "Student" to Patient, Golfer, Client, Athlete etc, completely change the color scheme, and much much more.


High Contrast Mode - This color scheme is for laptops that are used outdoors. This design provides the best picture for outdoor use.


Lefty Play - This feature enables you to flip the video so that right-handers are shown as left-handers and vice versa. Teach left-handers by converting your own right-handed videos.


Network Ready - Where a facility has more than one instructional area, the teacher can move from station to station, still accessing student and video data, since data is saved to the “main drive”, not a “local drive”.


Personalize your Program - Include a picture of your facility or store as the opening background picture and personalize other information.


Printable Notes and Pictures - This feature allows the teacher to type their thoughts, tips and drills, as well as to print them out for the student to review later and keep as part of their lesson. These notes can also be saved and reviewed by the teacher at the start of the next lesson, reducing start up time.


Keyboard Shortcuts - Change screen modes, pick a drawing tool, loop, pause, play, slomo, rewind, zoom, pan and much much more very quickly right from your keyboard.