SportsCAD 10.0


SportsCAD 10 is an advanced video motion analysis program with many features. By combining the power of video instruction and the graphics capabilities of computers, SportsCAD gives you the most powerful tool for video motion analysis available.


SportsCAD is well known as the easiest to use motion analysis program on the market. While packed with extremely powerful features, the program still remains designed with the computer novice in mind. What this means to you is that SportsCAD allows you to conduct high caliber, professional lessons while at the same time learning the “Advanced Tools” that will better serve your students and their future needs. Once you are ready for heavy duty technical analysis, SportsCAD is at your service. Until such time, use this Help manual to get yourself up and running.


In developing SportsCAD, an overriding objective was to make the operational and analysis features of the program extremely powerful and user friendly. Other analysis programs only allow you to click on icons or use a scroll bar to perform tasks such as to Play, Rewind, Pause, Play Continual Loop or Play in Slow Motion. We go far beyond that. With SportsCAD you can use your mouse to left or right click on the video to advance the frames backward or forward. Hold down or click the left or right mouse buttons and the image Rewinds or Advances in slow motion or on a frame-by-frame basis. Prefer to use your keyboard? Use the arrow keys on your keyboard rather than your mouse. These shortcuts give you the best control of video in the industry.


Use this help manual and the online demo videos to answer any questions you may have about SportsCAD, and enjoy the software!



Note: When using this manual, move your mouse over pictures and click for more information.